A Heart of Gratitude

I recently heard an interview with Carlos Santana, focusing on the highlights of his musical career. Happily married to the same wife for many years, he had developed a belief in some enduring values, one of which struck me as worth thinking about. It went something like this – a sense of gratitude brings joy to the soul. I had an off-day not long after that interview where the sunshine and the beautiful scenery were unable to touch me. Good feelings come and go. During the valley experiences, I have sometimes been in the habit of writing 5 daily reasons to be thankful in a journal called “Counting my Blessings.” It’s amazing what healing power there is in developing a grateful heart.

Since hearing the reflections of this musician, I have determined to cultivate gratitude and make a practice of thankfulness. In my experience, this does bring joy to the soul and chases away dark thoughts – an antidote to depressive thinking. It can restore lost feelings that bubble up again, replacing the monotone nature of sadness. Blessings are all around us if we have eyes to see them. We hear that the glass can be half empty or half full, depending on our attitude, and, while our attitude is important, as a Christian, I believe our cup can be full to overflowing.