What is Truth?

Since you are reading this, it means we (Gwyneth or Rex) have met you in person, or you have found our site through a link. Either way, we welcome you to embracingtruth.com. Perhaps the most relevant question of all time was asked by a Roman Governor: What is Truth?
Do you know the truth about life’s key questions – where did I come from? – why am I here? – what happens when I die?  Do you believe truth is relative – what you believe is your truth, what I believe is my truth? Do you think that truth depends on your point of view, what you were taught, what you read, hear or see in the media? Does the truth feel like a moving target? If you are seeking truth, it’s our hope you will find some answers here. And if you share our understanding of truth, we trust the content of this site will either confirm your beliefs or challenge them.

Mircaculous Encounter

Until an adult is confronted with the supernatural, it is quite normal to be a skeptic, or at least a doubter. For many of us, it’s easier to question, analyze, and dismiss than to simply believe. As a child, faith came more naturally than analysis for me. I can’t recall at what age the transition from child-like faith to doubt occurred. You will read in my story how my struggle with doubt collided with an undeniable experience.

The experience I’m sharing with you is a true personal story.

Before giving the details, I’d like to preface this supernatural event by admitting that, even now, 39 years later, I don’t fully understand why God chose to bless a skeptic in this manner. I still feel very undeserving all these years later, especially because I was full of doubt on that day.

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67,000 miles per hour

As we travel in orbit around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour, while spinning at 24,000 mph (at the equator), it’s almost too complex to comprehend how this amazing planet works. Just spend some time at the ocean, or on the top of a 14,000 foot mountain, or a day watching the diversity of animals at the zoo, and most will agree that we live on an awe-inspiring globe. I think that is one reason why most people on the planet today believe in God, or, as some would say, “a Higher Power.” The way my mother tells the story, she heard my whimpers, rushed into the bedroom and saw my tiny hand touching live electrical wires plugged into an outlet near the crib and grabbed me to release my body from the shocking current.

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